Five Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Moving Crew

clock December 26, 2011 23:22 by author Janet Corniel


Getting the most out of your moving crew is what will help you and the crew make the most of your time.  Here are five tips to ensure that you are ready for them.


Pack Ahead

Make sure that the things you will be taking with you are packed ahead of time.  If you are able, store your things in your car.  This will keep it from getting in the way or packed unexpectedly.


Know Your Crew Leader

When your crew arrives, your crew leader will introduce himself or herself to you.  This person will be your point of contact while they are there.  If you have any questions or concerns, it is best to notify the crew leader first.  He or she is informed of company policies and procedures and is the best person to address the issue.  


Pets and Children

Keeping your children and pets occupied or at a family or friends house will help keep them safe and out of the way.  When the movers arrive, it is a flurry of activity.  It is difficult for them to keep tabs on little ones and pets when they are moving large bulky items.  Keeping them out of the way will help prevent them and the crew from getting hurt.


Moving Out

Having at least one adult, who can make decisions available for the crew on the day of the move is critical.  This will help the crew tremendously and it will ensure that your needs are met.  This go-to person will help answer questions, direct the movers and sign paperwork. 


Moving In

Having at least two adults available when taking possession of your goods is a great way to make the most of your time.  One person can check off the item numbers as the items are unloaded, while the other can direct traffic and let the movers know where to place items and answer questions.  


The key to getting the most out of your movers is organization and preparation.  The more organized and prepared you are, the better able you are to guide and direct your moving crew.  For further information on frequently asked questions, please refer to Highland’s FAQs page.


Calgary Neighborhood Crime Map

clock December 21, 2011 23:39 by author Kayla

Moving to Calgary?

Check out the crime map for your new neighborhood

Edmonton Neighborhood Crime Map

clock December 20, 2011 23:56 by author Don Kachur

Moving to Edmonton?

Check out the crime map for your new neighborhood

Move Management

clock December 19, 2011 21:30 by author Kayla

Highland Moving has the ability to be a pure Move Management Consultant/Contractor. One call will provide access to a full spectrum of relocation services.

Highland's information technology staff have developed the most advanced move management system in North America. The world's largest relocation client, the US Military, visited our head office and used the ReloVision model to develop their internal web based move management software. ReloVision focuses on hardwiring and automating the best business processes and acts as call center and communication software for our moving consultants. This ensures consistent business processes are executed on every move.

  • Policy Experts: ReloVision stores all client specific policies and automatically downloads this information into every move file enabling the Relocation Coordinator to accurately inform your transferring employee of company specific relocation policies.


  • Destination Information: We provide your transferring employee with comprehensive destination information on what to expect in their new hometown and the resources available to them there.


  • Cost Management: All estimates are reviewed for accuracy and compliance with your company’s policy.


  • Customized Reporting: ReloVision enables us to prepare customized management reports based on the needs of the corporate client. Anytime web access to ReloVision also provides your HR Department with “point in time” status reports on all moves.


  • Claims Processing: On line claim submission ensures the claim process is as painless as possible for the transferee and the corporate client.


  • Satisfaction Survey: All transferring employees are invited to complete a satisfaction survey either on line or hard copy. Survey results are housed in ReloVision allowing us to provide comprehensive reports on all areas of our service.

Policy Development: Highland has worked with many corporations to develop Corporate Moving Policies. Refine and enhance your current relocation policy to position it competitively within the industry standards. For more information on the benefits of establishing a relocation policy and how Highland can help you develop a policy specific to your company needs view our brochure "Establishing A Corporate Relocation Policy: A Win Win Win Solution to Employee Relocation".

Highland Moving can become an extension to the Human Resources department without expanding on your current personnel.


Staging Your Home For a Sale

clock December 19, 2011 18:39 by author Janet Corniel


Staging your home is an important element to a successful outcome when selling your home.  Although it may seem out of your range or intimidating, staging your home can be done on a shoestring budget and you can do it yourself.  Keep in mind getting your home ready for a sale is not complicated.  Often times, it just requires a great deal of elbow grease. 

Before you list your home, step back and look at it from a different perspective.  Think of it as how a potential buyer may see it.  Identify some key points of improvement and set a budget.  It may be a major house clean, which could include cleaning your carpets and windows.  It may require more sweat equity like painting, paring down and moving furniture.  In any event, think about what you are able and need to do and get started.  Making the time to do it as soon as possible will help prevent you from scrambling the day before you list your home.  Your realtor may even have some helpful tips to give you.  Remember to be open minded.  They are there to help you sell, so take their constructive criticism even though it may be hard to hear.  You don’t have to spend money on a stylist, if it is not in your budget.  Do some research online and ask your friends.

In this competitive market, a little can go a long way in making your home more attractive.  Taking some time to prepare your home for the sale will help sell it fast so that you can move on with your move and your new life. 

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