Exploring Edmonton Where to Find the Best Ice Cream in Town After your Move

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Have you recently moved to the City of Edmonton? Well it’s the perfect time of the year to take a break from unpacking moving boxes and enjoy some cool treats from some of Edmonton’s best local businesses. Whether you are an ice cream fanatic or a gelato junkie we’ve got the scoop on some of the most popular locations to explore. Let’s face it, you have just finished moving in a hot summer month and you deserve a sweet treat!


Popbar – West Edmonton Mall 8882 170 Street N.W.

Brand new to Edmonton, the Popbar is a popsicle bar inside West Edmonton Mall which allows individuals to customize their popsicles. There is an abundance of flavors to choose from and you can even customize what flavor you'd like your popsicle to be dipped in such a chocolate or almonds, depending on your mood.

Geppetto’s Gelato – 18 Muir Drive, St Albert

Many individuals agree this place is frozen heaven as they serve real Italian sorbet. Geppetto’s uses only natural ingredients to create their desserts making them super delicious to try out.

Taste of Yogurt – 14946 – 45th Avenue

If you are a fan of frozen yogurt then this is the place for you to check out. There are many flavors to choose from to make your frozen yogurt experience a memorable one.

Pinocchio Italian Ice Cream – 12814 163 Street NW

Edmontonians love this place for the fact that its in-house made ice cream and the flavors are out of this world. Word has it they even make a special champagne sorbet. Perhaps a great way to celebrate the completion of your move to Edmonton.



Highland Moving Supports Upcoming Calgary Folk Music Festival

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Highland Moving & Storage Ltd. is proud to be recognized as a Troubador Sponsor for the upcoming Calgary Folk Music Festival later on this week from July 24th to the 27th. This local festival is full of talented musicians while celebrating diverse traditions of deep roots and cool grooves. We are honored to have the opportunity to transport and move the Folk Fest equipment including the festival tents from Edmonton to Calgary's Prince's Island Park. By being given the opportunity to move all the equipment for the festival we are able to give back to our local community.

This year the music festival is celebrating it's 35th Anniversary with 8 stages and will include 76 icons and upstarts from 16 different countries. The Calgary Folk Music Festival promises this year to be full of magical collaborative musical sessions. There will also be a special Aboriginal program entitled Great Spirits which will unite together individuals from Australia, the United States and Canada.

For more information or to purchase your tickets please visit the following link Calgary Folk Music Festival. Can't attend this event in Calgary? No need to worry! The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is just around the corner next month from August 7th to the 10th. To learn more about the Edmonton Folk Music Festival please visit the following link Edmonton Folk Music Festival.

Happy National Moving Month

clock May 5, 2014 18:18 by author sylviac

Did you know that the month of May is commonly known around our office as National Moving Month? It is typically the kick off to our busiest season of relocation because individuals begin thinking about selling their home, moving their families to new neighborhoods while the kids are out of school and the weather is typically better then moving in the middle of a snowstorm blizzard.

According to ComFree, a recent survey found that just over 28% of Canadian homeowners get the urge to move every 5 years. Before considering to book that next move, we recommend exercising a little more caution when shopping around for a moving company. We've all heard of moving scams where customers are tricked into signing a contract and their valuable goods vanishing or being taken hostage until a bill is paid in full.

The following guidelines are our recommendations when choosing your mover for your upcoming local relocation. The best defense you can have as a valued customer is being able to detect the difference between a professional moving company and a rogue mover.

  • Professional moving companies typically offer an estimator, free of charge, to come out to your home to complete an onsite walk through to be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate of how much your move should cost. If you simply do not have the time to have someone visit your home, the moving company should offer you a detailed online inventory questionnaire such as the one we offer, Highland Moving's Household Inventory Generator. 
  • Every moving company you call should provide you with a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities When you Move.
  • If one moving company offers you a substantially lower rate then all their other competitors, we recommend proceeding with caution as they are probably not being up front with all the moving costs.
  • Ensure the moving companies you are checking out have direct local office addresses on their website
  • Always make sure you have a direct form of contact with your relocation coordinator whether it be via e-mail or telephone. Your relocation coordinator should be easily reached and available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Remember, good moving decisions start with having the right information. With the right preparation, your upcoming move should be exciting not stressful.

For more information about local moving companies in your area, the staff here at Highland Moving & Storage recommend visiting sites such as the following to view recent moving reviews other customers have experienced.

Happy National Moving Month!


Top 5 Things to Ask Before Signing a Rental Lease

clock April 15, 2014 19:56 by author sylviac

You have been on the hunt for the right rental property and you've finally found the perfect spot in town. The location has all the amenities you've always dreamed of. It's close to your work, has an incredible view and the price is right. Now what? Before booking your moving in services and signing the lease agreement make sure you take the opportunity to go over these critical questions with your potential landlord.

1. What is included?

Before signing any rental lease ensure you take the time to go over all the fine details. Don't ever assume that something is included in the rental. Always ask about utilities, parking, cable television and laundry. By knowing all the included rental details you can move forward and budget for what is not included.

2. Are there any pet policies?

Whether you own a pet or have visitors who sometimes drop by with theirs, its always important to know the rental property pet policy. It is better to know from day one then be hit with a pet cleaning fee during your move out.

3. Does the rental lease automatically renew?

Some rental properties automatically renew while others become month to month after the first year of renting is complete. From the start, find out exactly when the current lease you are about to sign expires. The last thing you want to be doing is vacating the rental property without any notice because the first year is complete.

4. Can I make any improvements to the rental property?

Always ask the landlord if you can make any changes to the rental after moving in. How does the landlord feel about painting the walls a different color? Are you able to hang up pictures? Sometimes what you may feel as being rental improvements, your property manager may view it as damage to the property.

5. What is the termination policy?

Life can be unexpected and new opportunities could arise during your rental agreement such as unexpected family health issues, unplanned events or a new job offer in another city. Ask from the beginning about the rental lease termination policy. It is in your best interest.

By having answers to the following rental questions above you will be able to make the right decision if the rental place is meant for you.

5 Easy Ways to Prepare for the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  

While the song may indicate that it is the most wonderful time of year, for others it is a stress that seems to build the closer we get to the big date.  So how does one try and alleviate the stress that the holiday season seems to bring?  One word – PLAN!  Here are 5 helpful tips to get you on the track to a stress-free holiday season!

Gift List/Management

Create a master gift list.  Start by using categories (family, in-laws, friends, etc.).  You may not have every detail filled in, but at least make sure you list everyone you’ll need to buy for, and think about what they’d like. In addition, include a budget.  This can be simply created with pen and paper or by using a great app called The Christmas List.

Savvy Shopping 

While it’s easy to blow a budget by picking things up here and there, there is something to be said about getting your shopping done early.  Stores are revving up the holiday rush and everyone seems to have some kind of sale on.  Just remember to stick to your gift list/budget that you have already created and fill in that list as you purchase gifts.  As you purchase gifts – wrap them! 

Home Decorating

When you take out your decorations, toss any broken decorations.  There’s no point in keeping a broken decoration if you are not going to set it out.  This is also a great time to make the decision to update any decorations you have.  If you choose to update, ensure you follow the, “out with the old, in with the new’ rule of thumb.  Ensure any new decorations you purchase can be stored after the holidays.  Those great inflatable polar bears, Santa’s, etc. are cute however; you will need to store them for the other 11 months of the year!


If you are planning on doing any entertaining throughout the holiday season (including hosting Christmas dinner) ensure you know what you’ll be cooking.  Start a master grocery list and be sure to include what family members will be bringing.  If there is any baking that can be done ahead of time, get it done and freeze it. 

Backwards Plan

Christmas falls on the same day – every year.  To prevent any unnecessary rushing, plan backwards from December 25th.  Do not book any shopping on Dec. 24th (unless you love to spend hours looking for the coveted parking spot at the mall).  Set goals for yourself (All of my shopping is going to get done by Dec. 12th, all of the baking is going to be done by Dec. 18th, etc.).  The quote by Allen Lakein is so very true at this time of year,“Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Here’s to enjoying your family and friends this holiday season!

The following guest blog post was written by Sheri Bruneau, owner of Get It Together. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Get It Together started helping Calgarians live easier, less stressed lives, giving back their freedom to focus on the things most important to them. Lead by Sheri Bruneau, owner and president of Get It Together (GIT), the entire GIT team works with an unparalleled level of professionalism and passion for details, organization, and making people’s lives easier. The GIT team brings a wealth of expertise, working with you to make sure that you are left with an outstanding experience, lessened stress, and an easy transition into your new home…and life.

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