Highland Moving Supports Upcoming Calgary Folk Music Festival

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Highland Moving & Storage Ltd. is proud to be recognized as a Troubador Sponsor for the upcoming Calgary Folk Music Festival later on this week from July 24th to the 27th. This local festival is full of talented musicians while celebrating diverse traditions of deep roots and cool grooves. We are honored to have the opportunity to transport and move the Folk Fest equipment including the festival tents from Edmonton to Calgary's Prince's Island Park. By being given the opportunity to move all the equipment for the festival we are able to give back to our local community.

This year the music festival is celebrating it's 35th Anniversary with 8 stages and will include 76 icons and upstarts from 16 different countries. The Calgary Folk Music Festival promises this year to be full of magical collaborative musical sessions. There will also be a special Aboriginal program entitled Great Spirits which will unite together individuals from Australia, the United States and Canada.

For more information or to purchase your tickets please visit the following link Calgary Folk Music Festival. Can't attend this event in Calgary? No need to worry! The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is just around the corner next month from August 7th to the 10th. To learn more about the Edmonton Folk Music Festival please visit the following link Edmonton Folk Music Festival.

Free Calgary Stampede Pancakes

clock July 4, 2014 20:03 by author sylviac

Have you recently moved to the City of Calgary? You may have noticed over the past couple of weeks a lot more Western theme inspired decor being put up around the city in anticipation for our annual Calgary Stampede traditions. Thousands of individuals, families and companies participate annually in Calgary Stampede festivities but many also part take in the tradition of a free Stampede pancake breakfast. Evan our Calgary Highland Moving branch embraces the spirit of the Calgary Stampede by putting together a pancake breakfast for all of our crew members and office staff on an annual basis.

If you have just moved to Calgary why not take a break from unpacking your moving boxes and enjoy a pancake breakfast? No need to worry about trying to find your way around town as we have done the homework for you! The following link is a helpful app that will show you different areas of the city that are participating in various pancake breakfasts over the next week. Free Calgary Stampede Pancakes App

On behalf of our staff at Highland Moving we'd like to welcome to you to Calgary.

10 Child Friendly Ways to Use Moving Boxes After your Move

clock June 23, 2014 23:45 by author sylviac

Congratulations on completing your recent move! Now comes the fun part of organizing your home and unpacking all the cardboard moving boxes. While you may be anxious to get rid of those boxes, there are other means of utilizing the cardboard boxes. We have come up with ten fun ways your kids can get creative and use the moving boxes around the house. Not only will they enjoy making new things out of boxes but it may keep them busy which may allow you to continue to enjoy your new home. Also, don't forget to recycle the moving boxes once your children are done playing with them to keep them out of our landfills. (The following images are compliments of Pinterest. They can be found on www.pinterest.com)

1. Cardboard Traffic Light

2. A Playhouse for the Family Pet

3. A Mini Cardboard Elevator

4. Cardboard Pirate Ship

5. A Cardboard Castle

6. Cardboard Maze for the Backyard

7. Summertime Lemonade Stand

8. Cardboard Moving Box Convertible

9. A Cardboard Train

10. A Fashionable Cardboard Handbag


Dog Friendly Parks in Calgary

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Last week, we had the opportunity to feature some of Edmonton's top dog friendly parks. This week we are heading south to feature some of Calgary's most popular attractions for dog owners and their furry companions. Just like the capital city of Alberta, the city of Calgary also boasts some wonderful parks to go explore. Whether you have just moved to Calgary or been a veteran resident for many years here is our list of dog friendly parks we recommend going to go explore.


  • Sue Higgins Park (Southland Dog Park) - This off-leash dog park is located near Southland Drive and is one of the top picks of many Calgarians on the weekends. The large area to explore is securely fenced off and gives dogs lots of areas to go explore with their owners. Many individuals enjoy coming to this dog park because of how close it is to the river and the amount of parking spaces that are available.
  • River Park - Many Calgary families enjoy coming to this park because of how centrally it is located. There is also a great view of the Calgary skyline. In the centre of the dog park in summer months, there is a dog friendly water fountain for all to enjoy.
  • Nose Hill Park - Did you know this park is one of Canada's largest municipal parks? This location is a great area for both owners and their dog companions with lots of walking trails available. For an extra bonus, there are great views of the skyline and the airport. If you are planning to take your furry friend to Nose Hill Park ensure you keep an eye out for gopher holes and other wildlife that live in this area.
  • Tom Campbell's Hill - Not many individuals know about this dog park because of its unique location. The area is located on top of a hill looking over the Calgary Zoo and the Telus Spark. The path is lined up with trees and is perfect for individuals who have just moved to Calgary because it offers an interpretive exhibit to learn a bit more about the history of the area. Dogs love this park because of the lush green grass it boosts in the summer months.
  • Sandy Beach Park - This off-leash Calgary dog park is a haven for your furry friends. With plenty of space to run and explore it also has water fountains available for your companions to enjoy. There is lots of space to park which is great for the weekends as this location becomes quite popular. A great place to meet other dogs and their owners.

The City of Calgary kindly reminds owners to continue to clean up after their pets to aviod fines and if you are on a paved pathway in an area to keep your dog on the leash. Due to the Southern Alberta floods in 2013, some areas may be restricted. Please check the following link to see which dog parks are open City of Calgary Off-Leash Dog Parks.

Dog Friendly Parks in Edmonton

clock May 26, 2014 19:29 by author sylviac

When searching for a new home, dog owners typically have their own set list of criteria they are looking for. For example, some may be looking for a large backyard while others want to move closer to a pet friendly off-leash park. While Edmonton has some wonderful green spaces throughout the city, we've compiled a list for you of some of our favorite dog friendly parks available for you and your furry friends to explore.

  1. Teriwilleger Park - Many Edmontonians highly recommend this dog friendly park because there is lots of green space for owners and their dogs to explore. There is lots of terrain to explore. In addition, on hot summer days dogs have the opportunity to go for a swim in the river as long as the level is not too high.
  2. Jackie Parker Recreation Area - Another great off-leash park for dogs to enjoy. This park has plenty of green space to explore while also providing sections of shade with the trees around the border.
  3. Hermitage Park - Located on the NW side of Edmonton, this park not only has an off-leash area but also has a large section of space with picnic tables. The park is settled into a beautiful location with several man-made lakes around.
  4. Strathcona Science Park - This park is the only provincial park in the River Valley alliance and is dog friendly. From various spots along the marked path, individuals will get great views of the River Valley. There are also a large number of picnic benches throughout the park to enjoy an afternoon lunch.
  5. Patricia Ravine Hiking Trail - This park contains a gravel hiking trail which allows dogs to be off-leash for most of the premises. The trail is about one-mile long in total and goes from Whitemud Drive along to the river.


The City of Edmonton kindly reminds dog owners to keep their dogs in sight at all times especially when in an off-leash area. Always have your leash ready as a dog owner and ensure you clean up after your pets. To learn more about additional dog friendly parks in Edmonton check out their user friendly Parks for Paws Guide here.


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