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10 Child Friendly Ways to Use Moving Boxes After your Move

June 23rd, 2014 2:53 pm by

Congratulations on completing your recent move! Now comes the fun part of organizing your home and unpacking all the cardboard moving boxes. While you may be anxious to get rid of those boxes, there are other means of utilizing the cardboard boxes. We have come up with ten fun ways your kids can get creative and use the moving boxes around the house. Not only will they enjoy making new things out of boxes but it may keep them busy which may allow you to continue to enjoy your new home. Also, don’t forget to recycle the moving boxes once your children are done playing with them to keep them out of our landfills. (The following images are compliments of Pinterest. They can be found on

1. Cardboard Traffic Light

2. A Playhouse for the Family Pet

3. A Mini Cardboard Elevator

4. Cardboard Pirate Ship

5. A Cardboard Castle

6. Cardboard Maze for the Backyard

7. Summertime Lemonade Stand

8. Cardboard Moving Box Convertible

9. A Cardboard Train

10. A Fashionable Cardboard Handbag