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Going Green When Moving

April 2nd, 2012 5:05 pm by

Going green can translate into moving as well.  We can all do our part for the environment, even when we move.  Here are some considerations to make your move green.

Before you move, weed through your things and recycle the items you no longer need or want by donating them.  This is a great way to repurpose your items without having to pay to move them.

Consider using your old newspapers, paper bags and towels as packing materials.  Reusing these items to help pack some of your things that need extra padding and it does work very well.  Furthermore, you will be doing your part by not having to use so much packing paper.

There are reusable plastic boxes for rent by FrogBox.  You can contact them directly and they will deliver the boxes to you and will pick them up when you are done.  It is a great way to do your part for the environment because they are reused, convenient and a great alternative to cardboard boxes.

If FrogBox is not available in your area, you can consider purchasing some of your packing material by way of Craig’s list.  Movers who are looking to get rid of their previous boxes and packing material often times sell it on-line.  This will allow you to repurpose and save money.  

On the day of the move, all access points to you home will be open.  Therefore, you may want to consider turning off or down your air conditioner.  This will allow you to minimize the cool air leaving the home and being wasted.

Keep in mind that there are things that you can do to do your part and go green even when you are moving.  Be creative and get the kids involved.  It will help them take ownership and be apart of the process.