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How to Tip Movers

January 19th, 2011 11:21 pm by

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By an eHow Contributor:

It is difficult to entrust your possessions to movers you’ve never met, and it’s often difficult to find movers who seem to care about your sentimental valuables. When you find a crew who is especially careful with your household items, make sure you tip them properly to show your appreciation.

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  • Offer your movers coffee or cold drinks, snacks and plenty of water while they’re at your home or office. If the move takes most of the day, ordering pizza or sandwiches for lunch is a great way to motivate them and show additional appreciation for their services.
  • Tip one or two movers $25 to $50 each, depending on the time required, the number of boxes and the number of stairs involved. Give them cash at the end of the move, thanking them for being considerate with your things.
  • Give the supervisor and crew members each a cash tip of $20 to $25 if there is a large moving crew, making sure you have enough cash to cover everyone. Avoid giving the entire tip to the boss so you don’t give him the opportunity to stiff the crew and keep the cash for himself. If you received exceptional service from the move supervisor, however, give him an additional $10 to $20 before he leaves.
  • Keep in mind that tipping is not required, and is done only when you are satisfied with the moving job and the movers’ customer service skills. It is not required to tip rude people who drop your favorite keepsake or carelessly gouge your dining room table.
  • Call the moving company’s supervisor if the crew provides exceptionally bad or exceptionally good service. You aren’t expected to tip for service you’re not happy with.

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