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Making the Most of Temporary Accommodations

May 31st, 2013 7:57 pm by

Often times when you move, you and your family will be in temporary accommodations for a period of time.  Making the best of that situation will help.  These simple tips will help you make the most of your temporary accommodations and save you money.

 List your needs and wants

You want to start by listing what you need and what you want. Itemizing your needs and wants goes a long way.  Ask yourself several questions.  What do I need to make this happen?  Do I need access to kitchen and laundry facilities?  Do I need to have a separate room for the kids?  What do I want to help everyone enjoy their stay?  Do I want a pool for the kids?  Do I want access to video gaming in my room?  Do I want breakfast in the mornings?  Once you have made your list, you will be in a better position to do your research and compare prices.

 Do your research

Once you have your list, get online and do your research.  Check out places that have reward programs and amenities.  Most mid-level accommodations offer breakfast as apart of your stay.  Some even offer a happy hour and appetizers.  These all offer another level of convenience and can save you money.

 Note the length of time you will be in transition and add contingency

Identify the length of time you will be in transition and add a few days for contingency.  This will help you plan and know your needs.  If your transition is short, you will not necessarily need laundry and kitchenette facilities.  It is important to check the hotel’s flexibility.  You don’t want to have to change rooms in mid-stay.

 Compare prices

When you are doing your research online, compare prices.  Make sure you are making similar comparisons so that you are not disappointed.  Use these comparisons to your advantage.  You may find that you have some negotiating power.

 Reward programs

Many credit cards and other reward programs will enable you to get discounts or even free rooms.  So take the time to dig through your paperwork and see if you qualify for any of these programs.  Call and confirm once you have your information.  You may be able to negotiate a great deal.

 Don’t be afraid to negotiate

This is so important.  Do your research online and then call the hotel directly.  Ask to speak to the manager and see if you can further negotiate the rate.  You may be in luck and get a better deal.  This is especially true if you are planning an extended stay.

 Keep an open mind

The best accommodation for you and your family may not be a typical hotel.  You may find that a bed and breakfast is best or renting a house.  There are many online sites that offer this as an option.  

 Take your time and make your plans.  Making the most out of your transition will offer you and your family some well deserved down time before you move into your new place.  So take full advantage of the opportunity.