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Moving Flat Screen Televisions

August 7th, 2015 5:19 pm by

Moving their flat screen television is often one of the main concerns for our customers because plasma, LED, and LCD flat screen televisions are expensive and sensitive.

What is the best way to protect your TV during the move? The first and best option is to pack it back in its original carton (if you kept it!). The second best option is to pack it in a specialty carton made just for flat screen televisions.

At Highland Moving, we sell these specialty cartons that will accommodate any flat screen television size up to 54”. With our specialty cartons, your flat screen television is custom fit, fully protected front to back, side to side, and top to bottom. It can easily be placed neatly into our carton where it is securely packaged. The carton itself is robust and can withstand the rigors of moving.

If you no longer have your original television carton or if you want a better made one, call us today in Calgary (403-720-3222) or Edmonton (780-453-6777) and get your special television carton now. We offer cartons for televisions up to 54″ in size at both of our locations. Have a flat screen television bigger than 54”? No problem, we can custom order a larger carton just for you!

Transporting Your Flat Screen Television

Always load your television in an upright position. Never lay it on its side or flat because that can lead to damage either on the exterior, or interior parts of the television. Load your television carton on top of heavier, stable items and never with anything heavy on top of the television carton. Whatever you place behind or in front of your television carton should also be flat so that if your load shifts, nothing will penetrate the carton. It is also a good idea to load the television carton so that it is far enough away from a door that if there is a leak, it will not have water damage.

Storing Your Flat Screen Television

If you need to store your flat screen plasma, LED, or LCD television, find a place that is climate controlled. It’s not so much summer heat that can harm your TV, but rather the cold and dampness during early Fall, Winter and Spring. Moisture can develop on the sensitive electronic parts of your television and the extreme cold can lead to cracks or warping in its casing and screen. Highland Moving is proud to offer climate controlled storage at all of our Calgary and Edmonton locations.