Professional Local and International Movers


Employee Relocation

Within Canada and the United States, Highland Moving is partnered with the largest network of moving companies. Together, this network and its family of moving companies provide a seamless network to handle employee relocations anywhere in Canada or the United States.

Highland provides the following house moving services:

For domestic corporate relocations Highland will provide you with a corporate moving tariff which will apply to all your moves. You will be assured of competitive pricing without the need to consider individual quotes for every relocation.


Moving internationally demands specialized skills. For this reason we have created a separate subsidiary company, Starline Overseas Moving. Starline employs professional freight forwarders who understand all facets of international moving, including customs clearance, international documentation and air and sea freight.

Starline is affiliated with FIDI, the world’s premier international moving network. Using our worldwide network of agents, your international relocations can be handled expertly and easily with one phone call to your Highland representative.

For more information about moving internationally and our associated services visit Starline Overseas Moving.