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October 2nd, 2017 2:07 pm by

The Following post is from Vienda Maria’s blog page: “How do you do it?” is probably one of the questions I get asked the most. The short answer is: I believe in myself and my dreams. I decide what it is that I want, how I want life to feel and look like, and then I move […]

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Do you like moving?

September 11th, 2017 3:17 pm by

Is there a little gypsy in your blood? Do you yearn for the feel of new places to go and faces to meet? Or would you rather be more comfortable and sure about just what to expect from your neighborhood? Change can be a great thing, it just all depends on how you look at […]

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Is Your Mover Legit?

September 1st, 2017 3:33 pm by

Is Your Mover Legit? The moving industry is plagued by fly-by-night “moving companies”. Majority of the moving horror stories you hear in the news or from friends have to do with these rogue movers. There are a number of steps that you can take to ensure that your mover is legit. 1. Check With The […]

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Types of Moving Boxes

August 25th, 2017 8:12 pm by

Small Box (2 cubic feet) – Heavy items such as books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, canned goods, and records should be packed in these boxes. Heavy items should always be packed in a small box so that the weight does not jeopardize the structural integrity of the box. Medium Box (4 cubic feet) – Items such as small appliances, pots and pans, shoes, […]

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Calgary #5 – World’s Most Liveable Cities In 2017 Canadians have a lot to be proud of in The Economist’s 2017 Global Liveability Report. The report ranks 140 cities annually based on their quality of life across five broad categories: stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education, and infrastructure. Unfortunately, repeated terror attacks has seen many […]

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