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Office Moving

There is no doubt that moving a business is a stressful and mission-critical event. Irreplaceable records must be transferred securely, delicate office machines moved with care – all with minimal disruption to your employees and work routine. To ensure your office relocation is efficient, cost effective and trouble-free, it is essential you choose the right office moving company for the job, one that has the experience and knowledge to execute a problem-free office move.

Family-owned and operated since 1938, we pride ourselves on being one of the largest and most respected office movers in Western Canada. Our full-time moving coordinators, combined with our experienced staff and specialized equipment has made Highland the choice of hundreds of Alberta companies. From companies ranging from one-person operations to those among Canada’s largest, we are dedicated to providing your company with a relocation that is quick and efficient at a competitive price.


                    We will do whatever it takes.

Estimating, Planning and Attention to Detail

The first step in your successful office move will be to obtain a detailed and accurate estimate from one of our qualified and experienced moving consultants. This same consultant will be in contact with you and keep you informed throughout every stage of your move.

After carefully assessing your needs, we will provide you with a detailed moving plan including the number of people and trucks you will need and how long you can expect your move to take. Our moving consultant will forecast any possible problems and implement steps to avoid them. Your consultant will also develop a strategy that will factor in access points, elevators, parking, stairs and loading ramps, and take note of any special equipment that may be needed for your move. Expert advice, when you need it!


                 Reusable plastic totes.

Packing Office Equipment and Special Handling           

  • Packing Desk Contents: Highland will provide you with coloured labels to keep track of each item that is to be moved. Proper identification and labeling will speed up the moving process and ensure correct placement at your new office. Highland uses plastic office moving bins for packing files and desk contents. Although we recommend packing be done by our professionals, moving boxes and bins are available to rent if you and your employees wish to pack the contents yourselves.
  • Moving Filing Systems and Libraries: Highland also has numerous “file carts” for the transfer of libraries and large filing systems. As well as reducing packing time, these carts allow for continuous access to your files and ensure a completely organized file transfer.
  • Moving Computer Equipment: Highland uses special computer dollies, designed to protect and carry up to 12 machines at a time. Our air-ride trucks and special handling equipment will give you peace of mind when moving your sensitive office equipment.


                   Specialized equipment for the job.

Third Party Services

We often call in outside experts to perform special services. Extra-large items may have to be moved on the top of an elevator, or particularly heavy items such as safes may need      rigging and winching by professionals. We have established relationships with specialty service providers. Our moving consultants know who to call to get these jobs done most effectively.

Protecting Your Goods

Because of the many precautions we take to safeguard the contents of your office in our care, only a small number of our customers have a need to file a claim. We are nonetheless human, and upon occasion, mistakes do happen. We want to make sure you are fully protected during your move, so when moving with Highland, you can choose to purchase a valuation option that protects you, including special certificate insurance for high-value items.

To help plan your office move we are happy to provide you with our office moving checklist and FAQ’s.

Highland is one of the most trusted names in office moving. Please contact one of our experienced office moving consultants to arrange for a free, no-obligation, consultation and price estimate.