Professional Local and International Movers


Starline Overseas Moving, a subsidiary of Highland Moving & Storage, utilizes a wide range of shipping options to ensure that each of our customer’s needs are met. Your International Relocation Specialist will assist you in determining which type of shipping containers are best suited for your overseas shipment.

We offer the following types of shipping containers for our clients:


  • Lift -vans are constructed from plywood with a 2-inch by 4-inch wooden frame.
  • Skids are installed on the bottom of these type of containers so they can be moved around by a forklift.
  • The standard size of a lift-van is 185 to 210 cubic feet; other, custom sizes are available to hold bulky items.
  • Lift-vans are a great option, as they can be easily inspected for customs clearance.
  • This option is typically utilized when an overseas shipment weighs less than 4,000 pounds.

Steamship Containers

  • Steamship containers are typically constructed from steel.
  • Due to their construction, this type of shipping container offers the best form of protection.
  • 20-foot steamship containers will hold up to 1,100 cubic feet while 40-foot steamship containers hold approximately 2,200 cubic feet.
  • This type of shipping container may not be available for shipping to certain foreign countries it is best to check with your International Relocation Specialist.


                 International shipping container.

  • Can result in a lower transportation cost if the minimum requirement for volume and weight are met.

Full Container Load (FCL) – Sole Use Container

  • With this type of shipping container service ensures that the container only carries your goods to your new destination.
  • FCL shipping is typically the most economical method of shipping because the entire container is utilized.
  • FCL shipping generally also provides the fastest transit times, as there are usually no delays from waiting for other freight shipments to load on the container.

Less than Container Load (LCL) – Consignments

  • This service is utilized when a shipping company has an insufficient amount of cargo going to a destination; it works with other shipping companies and freight consolidators to consolidate a shipment going to the common destination.
  • LCL shipping requires all goods to be crated to ensure they are protected during the transit.
  • Unfortunately, due to the necessity of crating the goods and the higher freight cost involved, this can be a more expensive method of shipping goods overseas.

Groupage Service – Shared use Container

  • Groupage service is utilized when we can consolidate several household and personal shipments into one container sharing a common destined destination.
  • By putting together shipments, we are able to pass along freight savings to you and because only household and personal effects are loaded onto the groupage container, it is not necessary to crate all the goods prior to shipment.
  • This is the most economical type of shipping available but may involve, longer transit times if not all of the shipments needed to complete the loading of the container are available at the same time.

Air Freight Containers

  • These containers are constructed from triple-layered corrugated cardboard.
  • Air freight shipments range in size from 18 to 96 cubic feet.
  • This type of shipment is restricted to specific dimensional specifications in order to pass through aircraft cargo doors.