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One of the most important steps in ensuring a successful move is properly preparing and packing your valuable items. For supplementary protection, Highland offers crating services and builds custom wooden shipping crates to properly safeguard items such as marble tabletops or artwork.

When accurately built, shipping crates provide elevated protection for your goods. Highland Moving has an abundance of knowledge and experience to draw from to ensure your items are crated properly. Appropriate crating means that the product is blocked completely so it cannot move or shift inside the crate during shipping . Having the proper support in a crate, your valuable items will arrive safely at their new destination, whether it’s at the end of a long distance move, or you’re moving internationally or overseas.

Crating Benefits:

Some of the benefits of crating with Highland Moving are:

  • Additional time to deal with more critical details of your upcoming relocation


                                 Crating high value items.

  • Ample protection from any physical damage
  • Additional protection from any elements
  • Ease of handling and storage

Highland will work closely with you to ensure that your valuable goods are properly packed into our custom-made wooden crates, while also ensuring the shipment is as cost effective as possible. If you are interested in our custom wooden crating or any of our other moving services please ask one of our representatives to give you a free no-obligation moving estimate. Our experienced moving team is just a phone call away to meet each and every exclusive crating requirement.