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Office Moving FAQs

Planning is the key to a successful business or commercial move.Below are a few of the most common questions we are asked when moving offices. Additional, more general office moving FAQs are also available.


Can Highland help with moving our existing systems/modular office furniture?

Yes. Highland Moving employs experienced furniture installers to handle the dismantle and set up of various forms of systems furniture, and there is no job too large as we also pride ourselves in strong vendor relationships for 3rd party support.

Can Highland have our computers disconnected and reconnected?

Yes. Highland Moving works with trained professionals who will disconnect and reconnect your computers and all other electronic devices.

Does Highland have supervisors on the job?

Absolutely, depending on the size of the job a crew supervisor is always deployed with their plan of attack. On larger sized moves Highland Moving arranges a team of supervisors and lead hand’s to ensure the client is taken care of throughout the service at both origin and destination.

Are Highland trucks air-ride?

All of our trucks are air-ride equipped.

 How does Highland pack our pictures?

We have 2 service options when it comes to pictures:

1.)      Our team will pad and shrink wrap your pictures and transport in a specially designed cart on your pre-move/move day.

2.)      We can supply and pack special picture boxes that are used for all types of pictures and mirrors.

How do you know where items are going to go at our new location?

As outlined in our packing instructions and corporate moving guide, our labeling system defines the best possible way to ensure proper placements at your destination. Once a layout has been approved and communicated to our team, each room/area at destination is identified and our labeling system allows us to deliver every item to the correct location.

How do you protect our furniture during transport?

Highland Moving’s trucks are prepped to be move ready, and all trucks are equipped with moving pads to protect furniture during transport.

Does Highland Moving provide Insurance for our items?

No, we do not provide insurance. However, you can purchase Replacement Value Protection for any item being relocated. This can be arranged by your sales representative.

Does Highland offer an office move packing service?

Yes, your sales representative can quote packing for any move service.

Does Highland Moving offer storage for office moves?

Yes, Highland Moving offers storage services for offices and an active storage distribution service.


Highland is one of the most trusted names in office moving. Please contact one of our experienced office moving consultants to arrange for a free, no obligation, consultation and price estimate.