Professional Local and International Movers


Highland built an online household inventory program called MovesOnline. This allows customers to complete their own inventory in the comfort of their own home, cutting back on the requirement and costs of having a large outside sales team.

Highland used to have 8 outside sales people. With MovesOnline eliminating the amount of outside sales people required, we now have 4 outside sales people, saving us up to $20,000.00 per year in fuel. With today’s average fuel price of 87.787 we save 22,787 liters of fuel per year.

Our Operations department prides itself on working to maximize loads to use up as much space in the trailer as possible to reduce number of trips and empty miles. We have installed Satellite GPS systems in our trucks that do a number of things. Most notably, they alert the driver and dispatch when the truck has been idling for 10 minutes. Our dispatchers are also able to monitor the speed that each truck is travelling at, and can contact the driver to manage fuel economy.

One of our biggest initiatives is the purchase of Frogbox Calgary in 2012. Frogbox offers the rental of recycled, reusable plastic boxes as an alternative to cardboard boxes. Frogbox is a well established brand in Canada and we are very proud to represent the brand in Calgary and surrounding area.