Getting Acclimated to the Heat


Getting Acclimated to the Heat

Getting acclimated to your new environment can be a challenge. If you are used to cooler temperatures and move to a hotter climate, it will take some time to adjust. There are many things that you can do to prepare yourself to make your transition successful. It all starts with doing your research. First, you want to find out the average temperatures for the seasons in your new area. Second, take inventory of what you currently have and then think about what you will need to get. If you are moving from colder to a warmer climate, you will not need to get much. However, you will have to be careful when you are searching for your new place. You need to make sure that it has air conditioning and fans. This will help you adjust the temperatures in your home to make it comfortable for you. Keep in mind that the first year will pose the greatest challenge because it will take time for your body to acclimate to the heat.

The biggest change will be in your behavior. In certain locations, the temperatures can hit over 120 degrees Fahrenheit. In this extreme heat, DVDs left in your car can warp or melt, your dash board in your car can crack and your car will be so hot it will take time to be able to touch the steering wheel to drive. A car shade that fits over your front windshield is a necessity. Living in Las Vegas will teach you that. Some electronics do not do well left in the car in that type of heat, so you do not want to leave your laptop in your car while you run errands. In areas where humidity is a problem, you will learn to become familiar with the heat index. This temperature factors in the humidity and will give you a better understanding of what it really feels like with the humidity. Humidity will not only affect your hair but also your food. If you are used to leaving out your butter or storing your cereal and bread in the pantry, you may want to think twice. Humidity will cause your cereal to be chewy and bread to mold very quickly. Therefore, you will learn to leave these items in your fridge to prolong their useful life.

The best way to overcome the heat is to take steps to educate yourself. Keep in mind that the heat is a temporary situation in most places. Once you live through your first season, your body will adjust and you will be more familiar with what to do. The good news is that places with extreme heat tend to have mild winters and you can enjoy the cool when it arrives.

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