How To Move Glass


How to Move Glass and Marble

Glass and marble table tops are very common pieces of furniture. They are also a couple of the most fragile items you will encounter during a move. We have seen our fair share of glass and marble over the years and have created the following list to help you move yours if you are not hiring a professional mover.

1. Remove From Base

Never transport glass or marble while still on its base. Glass and marble are at their most fragile when they are laying flat. Remove them from the base so they can be protected properly and transported on their side.

2. Wrap/Box/Crate

Once the glass or marble is removed from its base, wrap it in a moving blanket. Use enough moving blankets so that the entire piece is padded. At this point you can pack it into a picture box and stuff the empty space in the box around the piece with paper. If you are really worried about it, you can crate it. There are crating companies that you can call and give them the dimensions of the piece, and they will build a custom crate for you. Just keep in mind the additional thickness of the moving blanket and/or anything else you are wrapping the piece with before putting it in the crate.

3. Transportation

Glass and marble are at their strongest when they are on their side. We recommend placing a moving blanket on the floor of the truck directly against a side wall. Place the glass or marble on its side on the blanket and strap it directly to the side wall. If it is not crated, make sure nothing is able to come in contact with the face of the glass/marble. Even a carton can be punctured if something hits it hard enough.

4. Storage

If you are not going to unpack the glass or marble right away, leave it wrapped/packed/crated until it is time for it to be unpacked. Just like in a moving truck, something could fall on it in storage and break it.

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