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Overseas and International Moving


International moving demands specialized skills. For this reason we created a subsidiary company, Starline Overseas Moving to expertly handle international moves. Starline employs professional freight forwarders who understand all facets of international moving, including customs clearance, international documentation and air and sea freight.

 Starline is affiliated with FIDI, the world’s premier international moving network. Working with our global partners, we’ll skillfully look after your international relocation. Direct, effective communication is the key to outstanding customer service. For that reason, we utilize Relovision, an all-encompassing customer service software program that ensures the best possible and prompt service for our international clients. Our outstanding customer-service record reflects the pride that Starline international moving teams have in our relocation workmanship.

We offer complete packing services, long-term storage and all-inclusive import services. Highland Moving can also arrange for the safe handling and transport of your vehicle worldwide. For more information about moving internationally and our services visit Starline Overseas Moving. See more information on moving to the USA.


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