Moving a Business


Moving A Business

Moving A Business: How To Avoid Disruption And Down Time

Relocating your business can be very exciting for your company and your employees. It can also be a very daunting task that can seem almost impossible to tackle. For most business owners, the main concern is the down time and disruption a move can cause, thus effecting sales and their customer’s experience.

Above all, hiring a professional moving company with commercial/office moving experience is key to making sure your business’ transition into its new space is seamless. Once you have chosen the right moving company, there are some other things you can do to ensure a successful move.

1. Create A Moving Plan/Schedule

Your moving company will provide a moving consultant that can help you with this. Create a moving plan outlining budget, the move schedule, down time, employee tasks etc.

2. Communicate With Employees

Keep in mind that they are most likely stressed about the move as well. Hold regular “pre move” meetings so ensure transparency. Share the move plan/schedule with them. You can also assign them tasks to help things come together quicker.

3. Communicate With Customers

As soon as you have your move plan/schedule set, share it with your customers. Post move details on your website and on your social media. If you have a client contact list or a CRM, use it to contact customers to notify them of the move. You’ll want to make sure your move makes as little impact as possible on your business’s bottom line, and that means being transparent with your customers.

4. Plan New Office Floor Plan

Rather than just winging it when get there, figure out where everyone’s work station is going to be so you can label all the furniture, electronics and boxes with what room or area they’re going to end up in. This will save you from having to move things around after the movers have left. With most professional moving companies, anything they take apart to move such as desks or work stations will get put back together.

5. Ensure All Tech Is Set Up In Advance

If you’re going to need outside technical support to help set up your internet, network, printers, or computers, be sure to schedule it well in advance to avoid downtime.

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