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Submit a Claim Form

To complete this form you must have your order number. Your order number can be found on the top, right hand corner, of your bill of lading. When keying in the order number, the leading zeros of the member or sequence number are not required.

With your claim submission you are agreeing that:

  • you are the owner of the property described
  • you did not cause or contribute to the damage set forth herein
  • all statements made in the claim and any attached documents are true and correct to the best of your knowledge
  • the claim constitutes your complete and entire claim
  • any items in respect of which cash settlement is made as compensation for loss or irreparable damage shall be the property of United Van Lines (Canada) Ltd.
  • you understand the carrier reserves the right to request a notarized statement of affidavit
  • all transportation and related charges must be paid in full prior to final settlement of claim.

The terms and conditions governing this move require this submitted claim be received by the carrier within 60 days from date of delivery.

Submit a Claim