Moving In The Rain

Moving in the Rain - Highland-Moving-Ltd

Does the forecast predict rain on your moving day?

Moving in the rain? No need to worry. At Highland Moving, our professional movers are always equipped and prepared to protect your household goods during rainy season.

When Highland Moving arrives at your house on moving day, our team rolls out neoprene floor runners throughout your home. These floor runners do double duty to both protect your floors and create a non-slip grip for the moving team while carrying your household goods.

The Highland Moving truck is pulled up to the closest access point to your home, minimizing exposure to the rain. This way only the cardboard on boxes will take the hit from the weather; nothing inside the box will be touched.

All furniture is wrapped in clean, quilted moving pads. These moving pads will protect your furniture against the wet weather. All loose items should be packed in moving boxes by our professional packers or yourself.

Upon arrival to your new home, the Highland Moving truck will once again be parked as close to your home’s entrance. This ensures a short distance walk from the moving truck into your home and minimizes the exposure to the rain.

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