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Moving and Storage Containers

Moving long distance with Highland Moving offers you the choice of transporting your household goods by van or by storage containers. Identifying your moving needs will help to determine the best method of transportation for your situation. Moving by container provides some unique benefits:

moving containers

   Domestic shipping containers can be used for storage.

  • Exclusive use of each storage container: Your household goods can be securely stored in their own container, separate from other shipments.
  • Eliminates container double-handling fees: A container shipment requiring short-term storage, can be stored without the shipment having to be unloaded from the container.
  • Flexible transit times: Using our transit time schedules, moving containers can handle most delivery schedules with ease. When moving by container, delivery schedules can also be extended for up to 30 days if needed.
  • Reduces storage rates: There is no charge for the first 30 days of storage.