Moving Countdown Calendar


Moving Countdown Calendar

In life, few events match the stress of moving from one location to another. In this time of busy new beginnings and important adjustments we at Highland Moving appreciate the opportunity to be trusted with our client’s valuable goods. Moving everything an individual owns is a very personal experience and something that we at Highland take very seriously.
The following moving countdown calendar provided should assist with a rough estimate of what typically should be completed prior to an upcoming move to make the transition as smooth as possible.

6-5 Weeks Prior: Arrange to have a Highland Moving relocation surveyor come to your current residence to complete a free in-home estimation. This will allow us to provide you with the most accurate estimation for your upcoming move. The relocation surveyor will be able to answer any questions you may have in regards to topics such as how to properly pack your fragile items, move plants or specialty items. At this time, the relocation surveyor will also be able to discuss the various types of protection available for your goods.

4 Weeks Prior: If you are packing your own belongings this is a great time to get started on organizing your items for the upcoming move. There is no sense in moving things you don’t want to keep therefore, go through your home – room by room and decide which items to sell, donate or discard. One month prior to the move is also a great time to inform various companies about the change in address. Don’t forget to contact the following companies’: utilities, banks, post office, insurance, schools, credit card companies and family doctors.

2 Weeks Prior: This is a great time to confirm your move date and details with your moving coordinator. At this point, your moving coordinator will also be able to answer any additional questions. During this period it is also a good occasion to return any rented items such as library books and use up canned goods and/or frozen foods before the move. In addition, don’t forget about items in your garage. Safely dispose of any gasoline, matches, paint and remember to drain the fuel from the lawn mower and/or other machinery.

1 Week Prior: A week prior to moving, start labeling all boxes that will be moved during moving day. Label, highlight and set aside the boxes that you will need immediately at your new home such as cleaning supplies and toiletries. Also, make sure all the legal paperwork for the old and new home is complete. If there are young children or pets that will be moving, arrange for someone to care for them during move day.

Moving Out: Ensure that you are available when the moving crew arrives or authorize someone in writing to take your place just in case any important questions arise. If you have any questions or concerns about the moving process, ask your crew leader. They will be happy to assist and answer.

Moving In: Ensure that you are available to accept the delivery into the new residence or authorize someone in writing to take your place. Position yourself during the unloading so you can direct placement of items and cartons to specific areas of the home. Once crew unloads your valuable goods make sure all papers are signed before they leave site. If any items seem lost or damaged contact your moving coordinator immediately to resolve the issue – they will be happy to assist.

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