Welcome To The Neighborhood


Welcome to the Neighborhood Neighbor

An important part of moving into a new neighborhood is getting familiar with your new neighbors. We have all heard our fair share of stories about the really good neighbors you never want to part with and the not-so-good neighbor relations that you wish you never introduced yourself to in the first place. So with your next move, take into consideration the following tips to build a long-lasting (and positive) relationship with your new neighbors.

  •  Introduce Yourself. If timing permits, introduce yourself to your new neighbors a couple of days prior before your move in date. Following your introduction – inform them about your upcoming moving day so they are aware of any extra moving trucks that might be in the neighborhood
  •  Welcome. If you are the one who is getting new neighbors on your street take the time to drop by your new neighbors home after the move and introduce yourself. If possible, extend a warm welcome by dropping by with a bottle of wine or a batch of fresh baked cookies. The warm gesture will go a long way in ensuring the neighbor relation stays positive in the long term.
  • Exchange Important Contact Information. Once you have had the opportunity to settle into your new home and have had the chance to meet with your neighbor and feel comfortable with them then it might be a good idea to exchange contact information with one another. This is a good idea just in case any neighborhood emergencies ever arise.
  • Housewarming. When planning your upcoming housewarming party consider possibly inviting your neighbors. First impressions can go a long way and your neighbors will most likely appreciate the kind gesture.
  • Maintenance of Your Surroundings. It also important as time goes by after the move to maintain your property. By ensuring your lawn is mowed, shrubs are trimmed and the yard is well maintained, neighbors around you will be grateful for the appearance of a tidy home and will hopefully return the favor too.

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