Professional Local and International Movers


Moving fish can be taken care of by specialized pet travel companies. Your Highland representative can arrange this service for you. Should you decide to ship your fish yourself, check the airline regulations and ask a veterinarian or pet store about acclimatizing the fish to the shipping container.

If you are moving fish in your personal vehicle, for a small fish tank, empty half the water and remove everything that might shift during the trip. Cover with a plastic film and make little holes in the cover. Place the aquarium in a carton, pad carefully all around and leave the top of the carton open to facilitate air exchange.

For a larger aquarium, place the fish in an unbreakable container such as a bait bucket or leak-proof double plastic bag, securely closed by a rubber band and placed in a styrofoam cooler. This will stabilize the water temperature for at least 24 hours. Pack the fish tank and ornaments in a separate carton.

Whichever method you select for transporting your pet fish keep in mind:

  • Fish need air and the bag or container should contain air space over the water. Open the bag regularly and bring a supply of extra elastics.
  • Fish are adversely affected by overcrowding. Use two containers if necessary.
  • When filling the container, use water from the aquarium. If possible, take the rest of the water from the aquarium with you in a separate container.