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25 Years of Moving Industry Excellence from One Exceptional Individual

May 7th, 2013 8:06 pm by

In 1988, Highland Moving was searching for a candidate for their new overseas moving company –  Starline Overseas Moving. Highland needed to find the right employee who had a strong background in freight forwarding. Enter Paul Wielens. Paul not only had the precise background Highland was looking for, he was also motivated to have the international venture lift off the ground.

                Being Starline’s first employee, Paul brought Starline to the international scene by spending some quality time in Belgium to take FIDI’s course on household good moving. Not only did Paul successfully manage to score the highest marks on the final exam – he was asked to present at the annual FIDI world conference.  Paul’s presentation left such good first impression on the international moving industry that he was elected as the first President of FIDI under 35 Board of Directors.

                Since Paul’s incredible career start, he has continued to deliver exceptional management leadership to all his staff and peers. Highland Moving is proud to congratulate Paul Wielens on his latest accomplishment that few non-owners have been able to attain. Last week, Paul was elected to the Vice Chairman’s position in the United Van Lines which came almost the same day he celebrated his 25th year of employment with the Highstar Group of Companies.

 Congratulations Paul, thank you for a wonderful 25 years.