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5 Tips to Move Technology Safely

October 15th, 2012 7:13 pm by

Nowadays, we are dependent on our technology.  Our electronic devices make our lives significantly easier when they are available and working properly.  Because of this dependency, they do add another dimension to any move.  The key to moving your electronics safely is preparation.  Here are five tips to help make sure your electronics make it safely:

Computers, Tablets and Mobile Phones:

Before you move, make sure to back up all of your electronic files.  If you have access to a cloud system to back-up your files, definitely do it.  If you don’t, seriously consider it.  You want to have all of these backed up in case something happens.  During a move, chances are you will be taking this items with you.  Keep in mind that in the midst of a move, you are transient.  Therefore, there is more opportunity for these items to be lost, taken or damaged.

Flat Screen Televisions and Monitors:

If you are advised to crate these items, seriously consider it.  Crating them may come with additional costs, but the extra effort will help to protect these items and give them the extra stability they need to make the trek. 

Audio Visual Equipment:

Audio visual equipment can be very complex.  The amount of wires and connections can make my head hurt.  However, organization is key to making sure everything is hooked up properly in your new location.  Labeling these cords and wires will help you tremendously.  Taking pictures will also help so that you will have a better frame of reference.  If you are packing these items yourself, make sure to label them clearly and use the appropriate packing material to ensure safe transport.

Alarm, Cameras, and Security Equipment:

Before you move or put your house on the market, you will have to decide what you are including in the purchase of your home and what you will be taking with you.  Further, if you purchased the equipment from a vendor with a contract, review the details.  You may be paying incrementally for the equipment and depending on the terms of the contract you may have some restrictions.  Call and clarify this with the vendor before you begin to pack it.  Once you have clarity, you will want to take care in packing this equipment.  If you still have the boxes it came in, pack them back in them.  If not, make sure to advise your professionals at Highland or find the appropriate packing material for the items.


Before you move, make sure to contact your insurance agent and your moving professional.  Identify the items that you are moving and require additional coverage.  Take the extra time to do this so that you ensure that you are adequately covered.