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Aussie rules – Telling it like it is !

October 5th, 2010 10:37 pm by

The Australian Removers Association website gives this advice to moving families.  I guess if Canadian movers could “tell it like it is” they might give the same advice. Do these “Aussie rules” apply in Canada or are we too polite to bring these suggestions to the customer’s attention.


  • Don’t leave any articles you don’t want packed in the house
  • Don’t hover around the removalist (movers) and offer suggestions
  • Don’t leave dirty dishes or dirty clothing unattended
  • Don’t leave food in the fridge
  • Don’t empty the BBQ bottle by simply letting the gas out into the atmosphere or burning it off
  • Don’t pack ammunition, aerosol cans and other explosive items
  • Don’t criticize the workmen in how they do their work
  • Don’t insist on the workmen packing your things the way you want it done
  • Don’t let any of your goods be packed without the correct paperwork being received and signed

Sometimes, because of the stress you may be under, your behavior can become inappropriate and these simple points may be the difference between an easy or a difficult removal.

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