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Buying a Car After a Move

April 12th, 2012 4:56 pm by

Buying a car after a move can be challenging if you do not take steps ahead of time to prepare yourself for the purchase.  If you are moving domestically, there should be a few extra steps you will have to take to ensure you have all of your adequate paperwork to hand.  Keep in mind that because you are new to the area and have not been in your current home for some time, be prepared to provide all the paperwork and identification with your new address especially if your are planning to finance the purchase.  They may ask for you to demonstrate proof of employment.  Further, different locations have various insurance requirements.  Therefore, you want to make sure you have checked with your insurance agent prior to visiting a car dealership.  This will ensure that you have all of the adequate coverage you need at the time of the purchase.

However, if you are moving abroad this may prove to be more challenging.  Therefore, it will require additional research and due diligence.  Take the time to check online your options, requirements, paperwork and how financing works if at all possible.  It is important to recognize that a process that you are accustom to in your home country may not be remotely close to your new country’s business practices.  Therefore, it may require patience and fortitude.  Just remember to keep the end game in mind and follow the protocols required.