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Eco-friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

April 13th, 2016 8:14 pm by

Spring is here and with it comes spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is more than just dusting or tidying up. It is a process which if done right, can help lighten, brighten and freshen up your home.

This is particularly important if you have an upcoming move. Lightening the load translates into savings. Below are some Spring cleaning tips and because we are an environmentally friendly moving company, they are eco-friendly!


  • Before you start cleaning work on getting rid of a few items. Go room by room, figure out what items you don’t really need or use. Put them into three piles; trash, recycle and giveaway/sell. Once you’ve gone through every room, get rid of the trash and either sell or donate the remaining items left in the pile.
  • Now that you’ve cleaned up some of clutter lying around, go look in dressers, closets and cabinets. Look for those items you haven’t used in months (or years). A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used it in at least 6 months, then you probably don’t need it.

Cleaning Supplies

  • If you are truly going to do some eco-friendly Spring cleaning, you need to ensure you are getting rid of dust, dirt and grime a without adding more toxins and chemicals to your home. Good old fashioned elbow grease is ideal here with dusting, sweeping and vacuuming. If you are going to use a cleaning agent make sure it natural and non-toxic.
  • For cleaning rags, it is best to make your own. Old t-shirts, socks, towels, etc. are great for cleaning. Don’t waste your money on buying one-use rags when you probably have plenty of perfectly good ones lying around.

Cleaning Process

  • Now it’s time to get some dusting and cleaning done using non-toxic, natural cleaners. There are tons of different options at your local super market. Remember, elbow grease is key here.
  • Another tip is to use Mother Nature. Open your windows and air out your home. A fresh breeze blowing through can remove odors and keep cleaning smells at a minimum.
  • Get yourself a few (live) indoor plants. Houseplants have been proven to improve indoor air quality. With a couple of well chosen houseplants your Spring cleaning freshness will last a lot longer. Go to your local gardening store and ask about air-purification plants.

If you follow these simple tips they should help you get through this year’s round of Spring cleaning in a way that is efficient and environmentally friendly. Happy cleaning from the proud team at Highland Moving & Storage!