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Getting Rid of Clutter

December 10th, 2012 7:20 pm by

Whether or not you are moving, getting rid of clutter is a great way to start the new year.    It is especially important if you are planning a move in the coming year.  After you open your holiday gifts and put away your holiday decorations, begin to go through your things and start to get rid of the clutter.  A great way to do this is to recognize that you may be receiving some great new things for the holidays.  So go through what you have currently and make room for those new items.  If you have children, have them go through their toys and have them donate some of their old toys to make room for the new.  It will also teach them a lesson in giving back to the community.  

Here are a few great tips to getting rid of your clutter.

One at a time.  Getting rid of your clutter can seem overwhelming at first.  Therefore, breaking down the tasks incrementally will help you overcome that feeling.  Start by focusing on one room at a time.  Dedicate one weekend to work on one room and then move on to the next room the following week.  This will help you tackle the tasks at hand without out the worry of where to start or will it ever end.

Questions.  While you are going through your things, ask yourself these very important questions.  When was the last time I used it?  Do I need it?  Do I like it?  Do I want to pay to move it?  These are valuable questions because it will allow you to evaluate whether or not you really need that particular item.

Make some money.  If you are having some trouble seeing this as a positive exercise, consider selling some of your things online.  Someone’s trash is always someone else’s treasure so use this to your advantage.  Not only could you be saving yourself some money by not having to pay to move the item but you could make some cash by selling it.

Lighten the load.  Literally, lighten your load.  When you have a professional mover move your things, they evaluate your move based on the weight of your goods.  Reconsider moving that heavy concrete water fountain or sculpture you have.  Therefore, the more things that you can live without, the better the cost of your move.

Although you will have to invest sometime in reducing your clutter, it is time well spent.  It will not only help alleviate some of the cost to move your things but also help simplify your life.