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Highland Moving Celebrates Being in the Moving Industry for the Past 75 Years

December 3rd, 2013 6:35 pm by

Our company, Highland Moving is honored to be celebrating our 75th Anniversary this year and to celebrate this special occasion we held a celebration just over a week ago. On behalf of the Kachur family, we would like to thank everyone for the congratulatory wishes we have recieved over the past few weeks. The following article was submitted to our moving industry partners in regards to the 75th Anniversary celebration.

Just over a week ago, the folks at Highland Moving & Storage gathered together and had a celebration in honor of being in the moving business since 1938. Seventy –five years young and the timing was perfect to pay a tribute to the family-owned business after all these moving years.

Starting out as Jim’s Express Transfer and Baggage Hauling Ltd. many decades ago, legend has it around the office that Peter Kachur kept the name Jim’s Express because he did not have the paint to change the writing on the truck doors. What Peter did have, is a strong sense of business which he applied generously that allowed his moving company to grow. The business changed focus after it secured its first oil sands account and renamed its company to Highland Moving which was a game changer decision.

On the evening of Saturday November 23rd, almost 150 Highland employees from both the Edmonton and Calgary branches gathered together to celebrate the special occasion. In honor of the anniversary, a custom cake was made in the shape of a Highland moving truck which even had head lights that glowed throughout the evening.

Don Kachur, President of Highland Moving and also the son of Peter Kachur, who started the moving company, believes Highland’s success in the moving industry is due to their integrity. “If you’re going to stay in business for 75 years, you’d better be good at what you’re doing. Especially in our business, because people are already freaked out before you get there. They’re stressed out by the move, the kids, the schools, so we have to be more than good.”

During the evening, Don thanked all of his employees over the years for all their hard work in making this a great moving company to work for. He highlighted that Highland is a customer-service driven business and without our experienced crews, customer service departments, marketing team and management group Highland would not be as successful as we are. The congratulatory speech was followed by awards, a ceremonial cutting of the Highland truck cake by the Kachur family followed by an evening filled with dancing.

Highland Moving continues to live up to its name by following their Moving with Pride motto across Western Canada. They currently operate out of a new state-of-the-art warehouse in Edmonton’s west end while Don’s son Casey Kachur became the managing partner of the Calgary branch three years ago. With just over 60 moving trucks in their fleet and around 200 employees, Highland continues to pride themselves on their ability to get the moving job done while looking ahead at their bright future.

Congratulations Highland Moving. We are all looking forward to the next 75 years of moving excellence.