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How Do I Move My Photos?

May 14th, 2012 5:13 pm by

Moving your photos take some preparation in order to ensure that your catalog of memories stay with you.  Digital photography has made this tremendously easy.  Most of you will have your pictures stored electronically, which will make them very portable.  However, for all of those old-school photographs and negatives that you have of your family, there are some other things to consider.  For these photos, some extra care should be taken to prepare them for transport.  This is especially important for those that are older and have family significance.  

High temperatures and humidity can damage these photographs and negatives.  Therefore, you want to consider storing them properly with acid free paper between each photograph and keep them dry.  Further, if you are dealing with high humidity, you will want to consider avoiding plastic sleeves for storage, because the photos can stick to the surface which will cause damage.  When you are preparing the photos for your move, you want to make sure that when handling these photos you take extra care.  Depending on the photos, you may want to consider using gloves.  The oil on your skin can cause damage to these old photographs.  

When storing these photos for your move, you want to consider getting a box that is dark and not clear.  This will help prevent exposure to UV rays.  

Another way to ensure you always have these family memories, is to scan them digitally.  This way you will always have access to them and a backup copy.