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How to Treat Professional Movers

December 15th, 2015 9:32 pm by

How to Treat Professional Movers

Moving is ranked as one of the most stressful things a person can go through in life. In fact, it is often ranked 3rd behind death and divorce. It is safe to say that because moving is such a big undertaking, you need a solid team around you. Perhaps the most important people in this team are your professional movers. These guys will be doing your packing, loading, hauling, delivering and unpacking. People who move will spend a lot of time with their professional moving crew, however a lot of the time they do not know how to properly treat them. We at Highland Moving & Storage have compiled a short but important list on how to treat your movers.

1. Make Them Feel Comfortable

They may not be your guests, but they are working really hard for you. When they arrive, greet them in a polite and friendly tone. Introduce them to your family and show them around your house. Ask them if they need anything, or if have any questions. Also, try to make it a point to remember their names. Most movers may have their name tags on, so that would make it easier. This attitude will make them feel at ease, and who knows, might make your moving go more smoothly. Politeness can sure go a long way.

2. Communication

The key to a successful move is good communication. Communication between you are your sales rep, move coordinator, operations/dispatch and of course your professional movers. Set expectations for the move and communicate a plan so that everything runs smooth. After a plan is in place, we encourage customers to hypothetically “stay out of the way” of the crew as they are a well oiled machine and need space to do their thing. However, please ensure someone is always nearby in case any of the crew have questions for you.

3. Provide the Basic Requirements

Moving is tough and taxing job. We always recommend supplying your professional moving crew with access to a sufficient supply of water. It is also important to designate a bathroom for them, which you should stock with hand sanitizer and/or soap and a towel.

4. Provide Feedback

At Highland Moving & Storage we encourage feedback from our customers, whether it be positive or constructive criticism. Compliments should be paid to the crew as well as your move coordinator or dispatch. It goes a long way! We also encourage constructive criticism as we are always looking to continuously improve. Most moving companies issue a quality/satisfaction survey via email once your move is complete and your file is closed. This is a great opportunity to tell the company they could improve on if there is anything you feel could have been done better.