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Importance of Mover Reviews

April 24th, 2013 7:34 pm by

Mover Reviews in Calgary

Long before the internet came bursting onto the scene, making a decision to buy goods or services such as hiring the right moving company relied heavily on product descriptions, word-of-mouth and photos. Potential clients who were looking for a review had to first do their homework. Fortunately since then, the internet has enabled consumers to voice their opinions about anything and everything.
Within the past few years alone review sites have become quite visible and valuable. Individuals want to put in their two cents in about the remarkable service they had at a new restaurant in town or about the dreadful return policy at a popular retail store. Reviews are increasingly becoming an important game changer in the decision making process.
With that said, Highland Moving prides ourselves in the quality of work we do day in and day out. Even as a large moving company we take every comment and review seriously. This is one of the reasons why we were able to succeed in winning’s Best Moving & Storage company for 2012. We had over two hundred customers complete a review about our company, the services we offer and their personal experiences.

To every client who reviewed us – thank you! We are truly honored to be recognized. These types of awards keep us motivated to continue to pride ourselves in the services we offer.

Keep on reviewing – we promise to appreciate each comment posted.

Casey Kachur, Managing Partner accepting 
the award on behalf of Highland Moving & Storage.

Simply put, we love your move reviews, it “moves” us.

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