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Labeling Moving Boxes

August 11th, 2017 7:42 pm by

Properly labeling moving boxes is a very important step in the packing process and is often overlooked. There are many stories of people claiming that an item was lost during the move, only to find it weeks later packed in another moving box. Below are a few tips on effectively labeling your moving boxes.

  • Use a thick black sharpie or black marker
  • Do not use a ball point pen or a pencil as you can barely see it on the box
  • Note the contents of the box
  • Note the room the box was packed in and where it should be unpacked
  • Note FRAGILE for breakables (write on the side too so you can see when stacked)
  • Note THIS END UP for liquids or items that should not be inverted (write on the side too so you can see when stacked)
  • Some people like to number their boxes (this is not necessary on long distance or international moves as your boxes will be inventoried)
  • Mark boxes that you want or need unpacked first
  • Creating and marking a “SET UP” box is a good idea for holding all the parts to furniture that has been disassembled