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How to Make your Next Move Easier

January 2nd, 2014 10:02 pm by

Happy New Year! It’s a New Year which for many individuals means New Year resolutions, fresh starts and tackling the reorganization of one’s home after the holidays. Moving from one residence to a new home is the ideal time to get rid of unnecessary items for numerous reasons. Firstly, your move will cost less because you’ll be paying your movers less to relocate fewer items. Secondly, transferring less unnecessary items will allow you to start the year off fresh in your new home.

Outdated clothing. Typically the rule of thumb is if you have not worn it in 6 months it is time to either toss it or donate the items. Invite a friend over who is up on current trends that will assist in making clothing donation decisions easier.

“Vintage” furniture. Not all furniture qualifies to be labeled as vintage pieces just because its been passed its prime. If it has no function, it is best to toss it. Another great idea for furniture is to think of how it is going to look in your new home. Does it match with the design of the new home?

Old electronics. If you are thinking of tossing old electronics or gadgets, check to see if your community or city has an electric recycling program. It is better for an item to get recycled then tossed in the trash.

Miscellaneous items. Random kitchen gadgets that are never used or trinkets that are only collecting dust in your basement should be locally sold, tossed or donated to charity. A good plan to keep in mind when reorganizing, especially before a move is if you don’t love, enjoy or utilize the item regularly then it needs to go. Out of sight, out of mind.

The task of going through your household items may seem overwhelming however it will make moving much easier in the long haul. Take your time and don’t forget that almost anything that can’t be donated can be recycled somehow.

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Happy Organizing!