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Mongolian Movers

September 23rd, 2010 6:12 pm by

Mongolian Moving Van

To most of us, moving is something we want to do as little as possible – it’s a hassle to go through all your things, pack them up and then finally get settled in that new place.  Even with a professional mover, it’s a stressful experience.

To a Mongolian nomad, it’s a way of life.

Living in Mongolia is a challenge in more ways than one: you have to deal with the threat of flash floods, sand storms, bitter cold winters and steppe soils that barely contain enough nutrients to feed your flock.  Mongolians deal with these constant environmental pressures by moving every six months.  Each April or May and November or December the Mongolian families pack up all of their belongings and move onto, literal, greener pastures.

And when Mongolians move, they even include their house.  The traditional Mongolian tent is called a ger (or yurt in Central Asia) and is completely collapsible and portable.  But it is hardly a pup-tent, gers are remarkably comfortable and intricately decorated with paintings and a shrine to Buddha and their ancestors.  But it is designed for a 3 hour takedown and 6 hour set up at the other end.

Every spring the sparse neighbours come over and help a family pack up all their belongings, take down the ger and pack all of their life possessions onto the local truck and take off to a new homestead.  This truck they use is hardly a Highland cube van, it’s a tiny pickup truck.  This truck carries the ger, the furniture, the clothing, rugs, children, the single Mongolian fire oven and occasionally, a few baby goats and sheep.

So today if you are planning your move or it’s the day of your move and you are looking for some wisdom about how to move well – remember – you have Highland Moving to help you and you have more than a single pickup truck to carry your entire life.  No matter how high you pile it.

“author and guest blogger Dr. Torah Kachur  from ScienceinSeconds .com”