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Movers in the News – Moving Scams

January 17th, 2012 3:36 pm by

They say you should never trash the competition however, as a 70 year old moving company, we believe we have a responsibility to consumers to make them aware of “movers in the news. Perfect customer service is difficult in the moving industry and no moving company is immune from moves that, for one reason or another, give rise to consumer complaints.  Most moving companies make an enormous effort to please their customers and create a long term positive image for their company. Others build a track record of consumer complaints and lawsuits.

Here is a list of moving companies that have the most consumer complaints with the Better Business Bureau.

“The B.C. Better Business Bureau compiled a list of the most complained about moving companies in 2011, as received by BBB offices across Canada. These companies are at the top of the list:

1. Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving, Winnipeg, Man.
2. Logan Moving and Storage, North York, Ont.
3. Noble Moving Services, Toronto, Ont.
4. Across Canada Van Lines, Calgary, Alta.
5. Vega Line Moving & Storage Services, Richmond, B.C.
6. Qwest Haven Relocation Services, Edmonton, Alta”

For the full story see the article on the CBC website here: