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Moving Elderly Family Members

September 15th, 2016 5:07 pm by

Moving elderly family members can seem like an overwhelming venture. Change is often hard on the older members of the family. To ease your transition we have come up with some tips.

Balance of Involvement and Planning

You want to make sure involvement is consistent with every party. You want to have your loved one feeling like they are being independent, involved and given choices. However, you also want to show that you are being supportive and involved in the move as well. A great way to engage them early in the process is getting them involved in the planning/scheduling of the move process.

Organization of Downsizing

Make sure things are organized in a way that makes everything easily accessible to your loved one. Cleaning out house and downsizing is difficult; you want to make sure you help with this process as much as possible. A great method is completing 3 “piles” of belongings. 1 is keep, 2 is maybe, 3 is donate. Then you take the number 2 “maybe” pile and split by keep and donate. Make sure that you give your loved one plenty of time to accomplish this task. They may have been attached to certain items for decades so do not rush them.

Picking an Appropriate Mover

This is the most important step in the process. Although things may be stressful and taxing on your loved one building up to moving day, it all sinks in when that moving truck pulls up. When picking an appropriate mover you want to factor in things like customer service, experience, and reliability. As a seasoned moving company Highland makes sure to use our experience moving elderly family members and apply that to our customers. By assigning you a moving coordinator to walk you through the steps we make sure your customer experience is positive! Moving an elderly family member can seem like a daunting task but making sure you have an experienced and empathetic mover by your side makes all the difference.