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Moving Medical Equipment

July 23rd, 2012 5:27 pm by

Moving your medical equipment is very important and your professionals here at Highland will do their best to ensure safe transport.  In order for us to best meet your needs, please take the time to let us know what equipment is involved.  Some medical equipment are extremely flammable, like oxygen tanks and can not be moved with your goods.  Therefore, you will have to arrange for their pick-up in advance.  Further, please let us know whether your medical equipment will be included in your regular transport or if it will be expedited to your new location.  

What is most important in a situation like this is to speak with your doctor before you move.  Clarify your options ahead of time.  You will need to find portable equipment while you are in transition and your physician will be able to help you identify what you will need.  

Keep in mind that if you have rented any of this equipment, you will need to arrange for its pick-up prior to your move date.  Once that is complete, you will have to find a new medical equipment rental facility in your new location.  After you have located a new facility, you will have to arrange for a new rental agreement and delivery of the equipment to coordinate with your move in date.  It is important that you review your medical insurance provisions and identify what is covered prior to contacting the new facility.  This is to help ensure a seamless transition into your new location.

Keep in mind that your professionals here at Highland will do their best to help you.  Please feel free to call with any questions.  However, in order to manage expectations, there are some limits to what we are able to do.  Therefore, preparation and coordination ahead of time will make all the difference in your move.