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Moving Plants

June 21st, 2017 8:20 pm by

Many people like to keep plants in and around the home. They are not only decorative but also have health benefits such as air purification. Highland Moving & Storage has moved a lot of plants over our 79 years of being in business. Our experience has helped us come up with the following tips for moving plants.

Do Your Research

Before deciding if you want to move your plants, do some research based on where you are moving and what types of plants are allowed. When moving internationally, you may not be able to move your plants as some countries will consider them an invasive species. You will also want to do research on the climate that you are moving to and if the types of plants you have will be able to survive.

The Moving Company

Most moving companies will not cover your plants for damage or death. Most if not all moving companies will move your plants, but they will not guarantee that they will be green at destination. Due to this plants are usually shipped as “owner risk”. It is important that you speak to your sales rep or coordinator about the plants you plan on having them handle.


If you are moving plants make sure that they are in a proper planter or container. For small plants, it is ideal to pack them into an open top carton. You can put as many as will fit in the carton to reduce the risk of them moving around or falling over. You can also take extra precautions by covering the plant with plastic such as a garbage bag. This can help insulate the plant from temperature changes. If you are moving somewhere where there is a large temperature difference, keep plants away from the walls/roof of the truck during loading. This will keep the temperature change for the plants at a minimum.