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Moving to a Large City

June 18th, 2012 5:20 pm by

If you are moving to a large city, you may find yourself like a deer in the headlights, especially if you are from a small town.  The pace and lifestyle of a large city is unique and if you have been only exposed to a small town lifestyle, you will find yourself a bit overwhelmed at first.  

When you arrive, keep in mind that most city folk will seem aloof.  Most walk very fast and are focused on where they are going.  They will not greet you or exchange pleasantries.  Do not be discouraged.  It does not mean that they are rude.  They are just on the move and have little time to get where they need to go.  Further, it has not been apart of their way of life.  Traffic will be crazy.  Public transit may be your best option to get to where you need to go.  Know that the volume of people using public transportation will be great.  In order to compete for space, you will have to be aggressive.  It may seem unorthodox to you, but you will realize quickly if you do not get ahead, you will be left behind with the masses and it will take you twice as long to get where you need to go.    

Your best bet to meeting people in a large city is to get involved with activities, meeting colleagues at work and finding other parents through your children’s activities.  Know that it will take some time for folks to warm up but once they do, you will have great friends.  The key is not to try to hard.  It will come.  It will just take time.

Keep in mind that your transition will take some time and take some fortitude.  However, soon you will be one of those folks with their head down barreling through the crowds on your way to work.  Making the effort to assimilate will help you and your family make a successful transition.