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Moving to Make a Difference

November 16th, 2012 7:16 pm by

There is no denying that moving to a new home is a hard task. Packing boxes upon boxes and then hauling them to your new home can be time consuming. This is where hiring a moving company comes in handy. Moving consultants can provide you with advice to make your move a smooth process. One of the best pieces of advice a moving consultant can give is to de-clutter before the packing process begins.

Think about all of your household goods and ask yourself three key questions: What are your essentials for your new home? What can you use in your new life? What could you live without?

De-cluttering is the key to making your move a much smaller task than it has to be. Many factors of your new home can help you make a decision as to what stays and what goes. Your new home may not have as much storage space as you are used to. There may not be the same facilities in your new community as your old one once had. If you are moving from a colder climate, such as central Alberta, to a warmer city like Vancouver, you may not need to pack your winter gear.

Instead of throwing items in the trash, think about donating your unwanted goods.

The Statoil sponsored Ski Fit North Alberta program exposes community centers and schools to the cross-country ski culture by providing equipment and lessons. Excited at a new sport, kids from ages six to fourteen can enjoy the Canadian outdoors, become active in their community, and get fit while having fun. Statoil Canada Ltd is committed to making its community and surrounding areas a positive environment for the public. Donating lightly used equipment can expose someone to a new sport who otherwise would not have the chance to learn.

On your next move, think about how you could help others simply by clearing out your closets, storage rooms, and basements. Lightening your load will also help to minimize moving and storage fees.

Who knew you could do so much good when moving?