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Transporting Firearms Safely

June 4th, 2013 8:46 pm by

Canada currently has relatively strict laws regarding firearms which is why it is important to notify your moving company of any firearms being transported before moving day. Many members such as, Highland Moving hold a valid Firearm Carrier License. The list of carriers who currently hold a license can be found through the following link Firearm Carrier.

            The following guidelines are recommended when transporting non-restricted firearms:

  • Attach a secure locking device such as a cable lock or trigger lock (or remove the bolt) prior to transportation
  •  Lock the firearm(s) in a secure case which are built specifically to store firearm(s) safely
  • Have a copy of the firearm documents ready for your moving company prior to the move day
  • Contact the Canadian Firearms Centre within 30 days of moving to update your address

            If needed, firearms can also be temporarily stored in a bonded warehouse for a maximum of 14 days. More information in regards to storing, transporting and displaying firearms can be found through the following link Firearm Safety.

For additional information contact:

Canadian Firearms Centre
Telephone: 1-800-731-4000 or (506) 624-5380