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What to Expect on the Day of the Move?

January 16th, 2012 3:39 pm by

All of your preparation has come to fruition, so what can you expect on the day of the move?  First, get up early.  I mean early.  Your crew leader will arrive early.  Therefore, you want to be up and ready for their arrival.  You want to have the time to get ready, have a bite to eat and put the things that you are taking with you in your car.  Second, your crew leader will introduce himself or herself to you and discuss with you the plan of action.  If you have any questions or concerns, this would be the ideal time to mention it.  This way they can prepare or get an answer for you.  Your professionals here at Highland will do their best to accommodate your request.  Third, your crew will also arrive and begin the tasks at hand.  If you have decided to pack yourself, they will begin to load the truck and prepare your furniture for the trek.  If you have hired them to pack, chances are you should expect a larger crew and more time to move.  Fourth, if this is your first professional move be prepared for the flurry of activity.  The best tip is once you have given direction, find a place to camp.  It is best to not get in the way of the professionals for your own safety.  Have a book, computer or games to keep you occupied.  It is important that if you are working on your computer and need internet access, mention this to your crew leader.  Ask them to pack your router last so that you can continue to have access to the internet until the move is almost complete.  Another item that will be packed last is your vacuum cleaner.  This will allow you to vacuum your home prior to leaving.  After everything is loaded, take one more look around and then sign the paperwork.  For further information, please refer to these helpful moving tips.